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Until high school degree

Born in 1980 in Poland, Marta developed a passionate connection to art from childhood. Until her high school graduation in Piła, she dedicated herself to intensive professional art education, including lessons with Teresa Matyla, and successfully participated in various artistic competitions.

Studies in Poland

Her academic path initially led her to Thorn, where she studied Molecular Biology/Human Genetics at Nicolaus Copernicus University from 1998 to 2002. During her studies, Marta took individual courses at the Art Academy and concurrently funded private art lessons through scientific scholarships. In this phase, she also explored art therapy to develop a scientific and healing approach to art as a future researcher in the medical field.

Studies in Paris

After completing her studies in Thorn, Marta continued her academic engagement in Paris, where in 2001/2002, she wrote her thesis on the structure of chromatin at the prestigious Jacques Monod Institute. During her time in Paris, she exhibited as a guest alongside other students from the Spanish Art Academy in Madrid.

Studies in Warsaw

The formative phase of her artistic development occurred after her return to Poland, where she learned from the esteemed artist Zbigniew Beksinski in Warsaw. This experience added a deeper dimension to her artistic endeavors, and his tragic death in 2005 led her to temporarily set aside artistic activities and focus on her research. In 2007, she finally obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in Göttingen and subsequently worked at a research institute in Munich.

Time in Munich

Since 2019, Marta has been an active member of the Cultural Association Puchheim e.V., and since September 2021, she has held the position of chairwoman. In this role, she organizes exhibitions, curates art events, and actively collaborates with professional artists, contributing to enriching the cultural life in Puchheim and the surrounding region.

Current Influences

The resulting connections with various established artists led Marta to resume her own artistic work and deepen her expertise in various areas of visual arts. In 2022, she learned the art of graffiti from Loomit. These experiences influence her current artistic work, allowing her to refine her vision and expression further.

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