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Pulcinella l'opera del Barbiere

As part of the »Puchheim hat's« campaign (which could be translated to »it's available in Puchheim«), artists from Puchheim were asked to design a suitable work of art for each of the participating shops.

»Pulcinella l‘opera del Barbiere« is a symbol of openness, freedom and cosmopolitanism in our city. The sculpture personifies the logo of »Roberto's Salon« - the wonderfully modern hairdressing salon in Puchheim, in which it is set up - while the cap and mask transform him into Pulcinella, the juggler figure that has appeared in the Commedia dell'arte since the Renaissance and at the same time being Naples' city mascot (not completely coincidental being Roberto's hometown).

The eyes of the sculpture are made of mirrors, which makes the viewer loog into his own eyes - it mirrors our society: we look into the eyes of the stranger and see ourselves.


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